Saturday, December 15, 2007

Nutang downtime

My Nutang has been down because someone hacked the server. It makes it hard because the social community in Nutang is very active.

During this downtime I have decided to post more personal blogs on this page until it comes up.

Sunday, October 28, 2007


Have any of you heard of Maplestory? I didnt until this past summer. Summertime is great for trying new things, making new friends or just hanging out, doing nothing. Well I joined Maplestory and I am hooked. I go there to level my character, hang out or just chat with friends that I made in the game over the summer. It is a lot of fun. Try it out!

Friday, June 8, 2007

I need your help!

I finally did it! I made my website and I am going to begin teaching!! Whoo hoo! I am hoping this will go well but I need to ask a favor of anyone that reads my blog.

Can you help me get my website off the ground by leaving a comment on my websites guestbook? Something positive would be nice. <%s=6%>

My web address is:


Friday, June 1, 2007

PPP Love

I have been a member of PPP for only two weeks and I just totally LOVE it. I found out about it from Kirei on Nutang. I saw the potential to make a little extra income so I definitely wanted in!

My daughter is turning 17 on Tuesday and I was in need of some extra cash. I really wanted to make her birthday special so my bf and I bought her a brand new 7.2MP Panasonic Luminix camera with a 1GB SD memory card. That money I already had but I need money for the movies or something a little extra.

Since I joined PPP I have made a total of $28.00. That is perfect! That is exactly what I needed to add a little more fun to her special day! Thank you PayPerPost!!!

blog reviews

Thursday, May 31, 2007

Summer heat

Summer is coming and it is going to be hot! One good way to keep the rays out of your house is through the use of blinds or shades. has a variety of shades and blinds to suite any home all year around. Their top seller is the classic wood with a beautiful array of stains to compliment any wall in your home. If wood is not your fancy. offers shades made from quality woven fabric such as the Bella Roman shades. The best type of blind to block out the summer sun this year is the cellular shade which blocks out 97% of the sunlight. I am not a summer sun person myself so the cellular shade would be perfect for my room.

All orders are processed online quick and easy. Some products can even be shipped in one day. stands behind every product with a price guarantee and commitment to quality. This summer stay cool with

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Ichiro Suzuki

I totally want to meet Ichiro in person. He is much younger than I am but he is just soooooo handsome and talented!!!

Ichiro Suzuki (鈴木 一朗, Suzuki Ichirō?), often known simply as Ichiro (イチロー, Ichirō?), is the center fielder for the Seattle Mariners Major League Baseball team. He was born October 22, 1973, in Toyoyama, Nishikasugai, Aichi Prefecture, Japan.

Ichiro moved to the United States in 2001 after playing for nine years for the Orix Blue Wave in Japan's Pacific League. When the Blue Wave posted him after the 2000 season, Ichiro's rights were won by Seattle and he signed a contract with the Mariners. He became the first Japanese-born everyday position player in the Major Leagues. Ichiro did not miss a beat in his transition. He immediately established himself as one of the premier players in the American Major Leagues, matching or even surpassing his accomplished career in Japan.

2004 was his most impressive offensive season yet, as he set several MLB records, including a new all-time, single-season Major League record with 262 hits. Ichiro, equipped with one of the strongest and most accurate throwing arms in the league, is recognized as one of the best defensive outfielders in baseball. He has won a Gold Glove award in each of his first six years in the majors, all six as a right fielder.

Suzuki is the first MLB player to join The Golden Players Club.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Just Say HI!

There are so many online dating services out there and some actually charge you a fee. I remember I was on a site called and they would charge me a monthly fee and to tell you the truth. I didn't really care for what I found.

Then I found You can meet fun, attractive men or women with that share your same interests and it is all FREE! You can customize your search by age, location, gender and distance from where you live. Who says that love has to in the same state? I have heard of people hooking up through myspace. I mean how safe is that?

Just say Hi has a community forum where you can participate in a general discussion from "what excites you on the weekends" to sharing your favorite recipes. Anyone that knows me, knows that I LOVE food. It must be an island thing! is such a relaxed, fun, dating community where you can meet over one thousand exciting, fun loving singles just like yourself.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Google on TV

Do you have a Wii?? I do and now I can read my google feeds on my TV. That is so awesome since my computer screen is not as large as my TV.
If you have a Wii, you can follow the easy instructions from this youtube video.

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Feed reader? RSS? What do you mean?

RSS fees, RSS reader, Feed Burner??

This is a useful tool if you want to start a network of readers. If they subscribe to your feed then they will visit your site often for new content. The more subscribers = more visitors = more readers = MORE TRAFFIC TO YOUR BLOG. Make sense??

How do you subscribe or sign up for a feed reader? You can register at or you can use RSS OWL. Either way, subscribe to one of them.

Nutang has an RSS address in the modules. Use that module and publish it to your left side or right side module. People can then subscribe to you. You can use your google reader to read the feeds YOU subscribe to.

Another tip.... will help you burn your feed and get the "spiders" to crawl your page.

Good luck and have fun!

Humanoid Robots

To relax I like to read tech news or trash about the celebrities. I know sounds pretty bad huh? Well, while reading Engadget I stumbled across this....

At the University of Tokyo they have created a humanoid robot to assist with the elderly.

"Researchers at the University of Tokyo are crafting more lifelike and more agile servant bots nevertheless. In an effort to create a tactical team of droids ready and willing to serve the aging population of Japan." (

These droids will do simple tasks such as cleaning, doing the dishes and pouring tea.

I dont know but does this sound like the movie iRobot to anyone? I am afraid that one of these days, this simple invention is going to turn against us. Maybe it is just paranoia.

Gay, Straight, or Taken

Gay, Straight, or Taken

I am not feeling well. I am actually feeling kind of dizzy from the sinus infection and I am just sooooo sleepy. So I am at home in bed watching episodes of Gay, Straight, or Taken. It is SUCH a funny show. You guys have to watch it. The youtube vids do this show no justice. If you watch it I bet YOU could not tell which was which. I know I cant !!

About the Show
Mondays at 8 pm et/pt

You can't help but notice that cute guy at the gym, in the bar or around the neighborhood. You smile at each other. And all you're thinking is one question...

Is he gay, straight or taken? Well, now you can find out how your intuition measures up by watching this new kind of dating game. It's a dating game with a twist like no other.

One woman meets three men for a series of dates and then must decide who is gay, who is straight and who is taken. She has to select the one straight, single man in the trio in order to win a luxurious dream getaway for her and this available bachelor. If she makes the wrong call, the man she incorrectly chooses gets her prize instead!

Think you can figure out who's who? Play along and find out! As you observe this woman spending time with the guys one-on-one and in a group, you can test your guydar with an online scorecard. Or grab your phone and text us the name of the guy you think is straight and single.

What is your college education worth

You know I just got this email from my boss. It states:

"An extra $27,000 a year for a bachelor's degree, compared to people who did not finish high school. A doctorate is worth another $30,000 on top of that."

I really dont see that happening. At least NOT where I work!!! I just think it is ironic how my boss would send us something like that when I HAVE my bachelors degree and I am getting paid LESS than someone in her department that only has an AA. I dont even know if she has even that!

I have to believe the statistics however because it goes on to say...

According to the data, the median salary for workers with a four-year college degree in 2005 was $40,166 -- compared to just over $13,000 a year for people who did not complete high school.

Those with a high school degree only had a median income of $21,079; for a two-year associate's degree it was $30,937; for a master's degree it was $51,509; for a doctorate it was $70,165. Those with law, medical and other professional degrees topped the list at $76,497.

They believe that the earnings gap is steadily rising. I guess that is good news for me.

It is only sad because it is a true story


She had a rough childhood

She survived starvation, neglect and lack of affection.

These things made her resilient to rejection.

Her fears became her strengths.

As she aged, lonliness set in. However she was never fearful of it.

Living each day as if it were her last, never fearing death.

Times passes on and she is feeling abandonned once again.

Told by someone who is suppose to love her, "No knight in shinning armor is going to come and save you!"

She waited and waited until she believed the previous statement to be true.

Then like a character in a story she sees him. He is strong, brave, kind and caring.

Could he be the knight she was searching for?

He falls for her, as they do in fairy tales...

As years pass by... I finally get to tell him,
"I thought I was going to die, never finding you."


You know how when someone does something bad to you, you try to forgive them. But when they do it over and over again you just get so pissed. Well, I had a friend like that and I told her, "you are really pushing me to the limit and if you dont stop now, you may just lose me as a friend." I mean I was really understanding, patient and forgiving but she was being a persistant ASS. She pushed me so far that I try to avoid places that I know she will be and also I have not talked to her in over 4 years.

Just the other day I get phone call saying that she was in the hospital because she had a heart attack. I could not feel any remorse for her. The things she did to me were beyond unforgiveable. One of them was pulling out a gun and telling me if I turn around and walk out the door she would shoot me or herself. What a psycho, nut job!

I was brave enough at the time to turn around and walk out. I did not want any part of this psycho trip. She use to do drugs so I dont know if there was any brain damage done. What am I saying?? That behavior was NOT normal.

My mother of convinience

A mother is so many things. I mean Hallmark made a living out of describing what a

mother is, was, and can be. I don't ever remember reading a card that said your

mother was a mother of convenience. My mother is only around to help when it is

convenient for her. When you ask her for help she is always too busy. She wants to

see the kids when she wants to see them and not when we want to come by and


She told me that if I don't like the kind of mother she has been than I can become a different mother to my own kids.

I try. I really do and I am so stubborn and spiteful towards my mother. I have not

talked to her in four years and now that she found out about my back she keeps

calling me. I will not answer her calls because she had 4 years to contact me. Now

she feels that maybe I may die or something so she wants to make peace or talk to

me. I just can't do it! I can't allow her to be my mother of her own convenience.

What does 1250.00 / quarter get me?

I am in my grad school program. I am so frustrated with my classmates...

I learned that people dont like to be held accountable and if you TRY to make them accountable they get mad at you and fight back. What is wrong with people today? How are leaders suppose to get ahead and get an organization running and up to speed if everyone does not accept change or want to be accountable for their own work?

We just finished our last class and my "team" evaluation scores were low. I attended all the meetings, I was there ON TIME for each one, I participated and I also used my resources to pull the final project together. Sure Josh did the editting but he is MY resource and I was the one that had to push him to get the project done. The only thing I see where I would have slipped or made a mistake was when I sent an email to everyone venting my frustration with not meeting our deadlines. I also said that there was an un-even distribution of weight. If that is the reason why people gave me low grades to bring my average down that really disappoints me. I have learned that no matter where you go, church, work, PTA, grad school.... people dont like to be held accountable and worse than that, they "stone" the person that forces them to be accountable.

Who Was Mary Magadelene


Was she the prostitute that had stones thrown at her or was she someone of greater significance? Was she the wife of Jesus of Nazareth? Moreover, was she the wife of Jesus or just some tag a long? References in the bible show record of Mary Magdalene at important scenes and times of Jesus' life. Mark, Matthew and John have recorded Mary Magdalene to be present during the crucifixion, after the crucifixion, and at the resurrection.

Mary would visit his tomb everyday and one day she had noticed the stone rolled away.

John 20:18: Mary Magdalene came, announcing to the disciples, "I have seen the Lord," and that He had said these things to her.

I always wondered WHY Jesus' first appearance before his resurrection was to Mary Magdalene. If Jesus was born of man, of flesh and blood than he would also be able to fall in love and be married. As Christians are we not told to procreate and replenish the earth? Why is it that it would be different for Jesus? If this law of man and woman being the only union why is it that Jesus was not a part of this sacred union?

Bread and Cancer... is there a connection?

Too Much Bread Raises Kidney Cancer Risk
Wednesday, November 15, 2006
Just as the final nail is being pounded into the coffin of the low-carb diet craze, a new study suggests that there may be important benefits to limiting refined carbohydrate intake. Published in the International Journal of Cancer, the study by Italian researchers warns of a link between high consumption of cereals, breads and other refined carbs and the risk of developing kidney cancer. Researchers monitored more than 2,000 patients over the course of two years, concluding that those with the highest bread and cereal consumption were a stunning 94% more likely to be diagnosed with renal cell carcinoma, the most common kidney cancer. A diet high in pasta and rice also raised the risk of kidney cancer by 29%.

What This Means for You
Meanwhile, stocking up on vegetables and lean meats such as poultry was associated with a one-third lower risk of kidney cancer. Doctors recommended limiting your intake of refined carbs and replacing them with breads and cereals made from whole grains.

Two birds doing the nasty...

On the way back from taking my son to school this friday morning I saw the most

unusual thing. I saw two birds doing the nasty. Seriously! One bird was on the

ground and the other bird was approaching from the back then hopped on top. I

thought one laid an egg and the male bird just shot some baby juice on it. What

the heck was I witnessing? It was interesting and entertaining nonetheless!

What do my srange dreams mean?

I have been having some pretty weird dreams lately. I had a dream the other night that my friend and I were running away from the cops or something and my tooth came out of my mouth. Also on the roof of my mouth were these little segments of teeth that I was ripping off. It was like small sections of plastic stuck to the roof of my mouth.

Today I had a dream that I was driving and trying to park a bus. I dont even ride the bus let alone know how to drive one! Then I had passengers in the bus with me and we were rushing to a live BRAWL... we were suppose to be ready to fight from the time we exited the bus.

I heard that dreaming about teeth falling out is not a good sign. It means death or loss of a loved one. I hope this dream does not come true.

Ok I trust the doctor like most patients and I just go to the pharmacy to fill the prescription. Just the other day I noticed that I get really loopy or silly when I take them and I am awake. So, I took the meds the night before and went to bed. (as prescribed). Then I dropped my son off at school and noticed that I had no more gas. I went to the gas station and was concerned about the pain in my back and leg... sat down, started the car and procedeed to drive home.

I heard this loud sound and discovered that I forgot to put the pump back. The hose ripped out of the pump thing and was laying on the ground.

I told the attendant "hello.... the thing is on the ground. Uh, excuse me. The thing

came out and it is on the ground... just put it back in. " I proceeded to put it back

and the guy said, "no you cant. It is broken. You need to fill out a report and pay

$100 minimum. I told him, What? Just put it back. you see that hole right there

just put it back in. That doesnt cost a hundred dollars. I cant reach it but you can.

He said no you broke it. The paper work said to provided my car insurance info. For

what? I didnt hit i proceeded to give my insurance info and so I gave

him my expired car info. I didnt think it mattered because you know, for what?

I just looked up the info on the net and found out this about the muscle relaxer...

What is Soma?
Soma is a muscle relaxer that works by blocking pain sensations between the nerves and the brain.

Soma is used together with rest and physical therapy to treat injuries and other painful musculoskeletal conditions.


You may have withdrawal symptoms when you stop using Soma after using it over a long period of time. Do not stop using this medication suddenly without first talking to your doctor. You may need to use less and less before you stop the medication completely. Soma can cause side effects that may impair your thinking or reactions


In the end, I had to pay the gas station $100 or they were going to charge my insurance $500. Where is the damage people?

Dont forget your daughter

I went to my childrens performance tonight. It was a good show. I am just glad t

that I didnt have to run into people that I did NOT want to talk to. You know how

that goes. Well, anyway their father was the MC for some parts of the show and he

gladly says.. "this is my oldest son Josh" and then when Jake goes on he says, "this

is my younger son Jake" Then when Jordan has to sing a verse by herself he does

not say that his daughter is singing. That bothered me. Why not recognize

ALL of our children?

Well, your fat ass doesnt support any of them so I guess what is the difference?

It makes a difference to me because I dont play favorites. A father should always

feelmore for their daughter because she will be loving and caring.

Well, he is screwing himself over. Growing up, thanks to my mother, I have learned

that negligence is the number one sin!

Do you love the paranormal?

I LOVE ghost stories. Have you ever sat around at night, in the dark, with your friends and took turns telling your favorite ghost stories? Maybe you were more likely to watch a spooky movie with your best friend or significant other.

Either way, ghost stories or scarey movies have their way of pumping adreneline into our bodies causes us to be excitted, scared and wanting to know more. I recently discovered this blog on blogspot that documents real ghost stories and blogs about them.

If are like me and like to be "scared", check out this blog ghost stories.

Friday, May 18, 2007

Who should know my destiny

Sometimes I feel as if we are here just killing time. I wonder if I am really doing my life justice. We all come into contact and meet people for a specific reason. I feel that is a part of destiny. Everyone has their OWN destiny and I do not think that anyone should know what your destiny is other than yourself. My aunt believes that she knows what MY destiny is. I don't think so. I think people say that so that they may control you.

Just remember that. If anyone says they know what your destiny is then you have to really step back and think... "Is this person trying to control me?"


Article Explosion | Great Ways to Market Your Home Business

Great Ways to Market Your Home Business

By: scott young

Everyone knows that marketing a home business is one of the trickiest things about having one. You have to be sure that you are doing it correctly, because no matter what your business is, chances are good that there are a lot of people who have home businesses that are going to be able to compete with yours. Because the Internet is open to everyone all over the world, you are going to find that it often comes down to people choosing the business that markets themselves the best.

Make Your Mark

So, how can you make your mark on the world and be sure that you are noticed? First of all, you have to have something that no one else does. Chances are good that other people have your same idea, unless you have come up with something that no one has ever heard of before. So, this means that there has to be something about your business that is unique, whether it is in your web site, the way that you do business, or the product that you are offering. You have to be sure that you can easily say that you have something no one else can offer, and that when you say this, you can actually mean it. If you can do this, you are going to be on the right track.

Market, Market, Market

Another thing that you have to be sure to do is to market yourself. No matter what you are doing, there is a place somewhere that is going to be able to market you. You have to rely on yourself and do your own research, and figure out where you can best market yourself. If you are just starting out, a good thing to do would be to search online for your product or service, and see what comes up. See what your competition is, and then figure out what they are doing to market themselves. Then, see where you can get your name out there and how you can make yourself known in the world where you want to be.

Another thing that you have to do is to get creative about how you market yourself. This could even be the thing that sets you apart from all the rest. If you can be sure that you really know what you are doing, you might be able to find your way to the top of something, and you might be able to be more of a success than you ever thought it would be possible for you to be. Get out there and market yourself, in the best way possible, and see if you can bring yourself to the forefront.

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Online Affiliate Marketing Business Ideas and Opportunities.

Article From Article Explosion

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Life and the wash cycle

Life can sometimes be like a washing machine. .

Just the other day while doing my laundry I started to daydream. I saw the water filling up during the rinse cycle. All the clothes were squashed against the sides as the water began to fill. Then once it was full the clothes began to get tossed from left to right and top to bottom. When they are all cleaned and wash they get air dried in heat. That is the best part. They separate, fluff, and smell fresh.

To me life can be this way at times. Like the wash cycle, you feel stuck and heavy. Then as the water (problems) fills you begin to drown, getting tossed in many directions. Once life sends through the rinse cycle and you think all is lost. You get tossed into the sunshine (drier) to heal, renew and re-live.

1 shot, 2 shot, 3 shot, MORE??

I really hate the dentist now. I went there and they really did not do much with my teeth because the stupid novacaine did not work. The maximum dose that you can give someone is 8 shots. They gave me 5 shots and I could STILL feel sensitivity in my tooth and gum. I totally did not get it. All I know is that I was not feeling too good.

I HATE shots therefore I was not happy about getting more than one. I could feel the water, the air blowing on my tooth and the drill. I was really trying hard to imagine being in the warm sun on a tropical beach enjoying hearing the ocean hit the sand... but it did not work! I have to go back in two weeks. It has been 7 hours since my first injection and I am finally feeling normal again. But now, my mouth hurts so bad. I feel a lot of pain near the back of my mouth like the needle kept poking at my jaw. I really dont think he is too good with the novacaine thing. This is a new dentist. I am too scared to go back!

I feel really bad

I know that when you take karate you can sometimes get injured or injure someone else. I either being injured or injuring someone else. Why do I take karate? I dont know I just like it and I want to become better at it. I want to learn to fight just in case I will need to use it to defend myself from potential bad guys.

Ever since I was in middle school I had this fear of being raped or molested. It was a fear that carried over into adulthood. When children were about 4 and 6 I fear being attacked in the parking lot while strapping them into their seats. I still did not know karate or even self defense at the time.

I am taking it now and my kids are all grown. I think I can handle myself well eventhough I dont have to strap them into their car seats anymore. But being aware is one of the best gifts.

Now Anyone can Rob a Bank and Get Away With It

I received this email today. I just cant believe that something like this could even be legit. On top of that, this email came from UTAH.

Now Anyone Can Rob a Bank and Get Away With It!

Last month I took $87,978 from banks and YOU CAN TOO.

In fact you won't believe how easy it is to virtually
steal $4000...$10,000 or MORE each and every month until
you do it yourself with no experience.

Completely legal...but you'll feel like it's stealing!

See for yourself:,0,56714841,

Best of success,

Tom B.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Music Social Network *HOT is the newest social network for music lovers! People that want to network with others of similar music tastes can do so in this social community. AllRespect makes it very easy with user friendly options. There is no trying to figure out how to format your page or how to choose fancy layouts! After all, this is all about MUSIC!!!

In addition to socializing and making friends you can get the latest scoop on your favorite bands. All news is member submitted..

So... what are you waiting for!!?? Let's ROCK ON!

Friday, March 9, 2007

Out with the flu

Isn't it just MARVELOUS when you are out with the flu? You get time off, you can watch your favorite tv shows and eat at anytime of the day that you wish. That would be marvelous if it were true.

My days were spent sweating in my sheets changing my sweaty clothes; coughing up my guts and stumbling to the restroom. The last thing that I was worried about was work. I called in both days to say that I was not coming in. I mean I could not even move in my bed. My kids all had to find their own way to school for those two days.

Now that I have enough energy to come to work do you think anyone is happy to see me or concerned about my health. Ha ha. Heck no. It is just like, business as usual. I am just a number in a line, name on a list, face in the hall... I am not asking for a whole lot but just maybe a little hey or something???

Monday, February 5, 2007

Quick Tip: Refrigerator Cleaning »

Quick Tip: Refrigerator Cleaning » "Quick Tip: Refrigerator Cleaning
Try washing the inside of your refrigerator with hot, soapy water and then a rinse wipe with 50/50 solution of vinegar and water to help fight mildew. It also freshens and deodorizes the inside of your fridge.
If your refrigerator is cleaned regularly, just the scrub down with vinegar and water will do the trick."

My fridge always gets something spilled in it or something goes rotten and drips juices all over the inside of the fridge. YUCK!! I use to use baking soda and water until I started using the tips from this web link.

Sunday, February 4, 2007

Standoff TV Show - Standoff Television Show -

Standoff TV Show - Standoff Television Show -

This is a really good crime show but for some reason I always fall asleep in the middle of the program.

Wednesday, January 31, 2007

BBC NEWS | UK | Rape prosecutions 'must improve'

Rape victims are trying to find justice and rightfully so. In England and Wales rape claims are being wrongly dismissed as unfounded. It is true that most victims of rape know their perpetrator but that does not mean that the victim wanted to be assulted or raped. We need to make sure that the issue of consent goes before a jury!

BBC NEWS | UK | Rape prosecutions 'must improve'

Why doesn't my doctor prescribe antibiotics for my child's cold?

Why doesn't my doctor prescribe antibiotics for my child's cold?

Monday, January 29, 2007

GMail Hard Drive Makes Space Available

GMail Hard Drive Makes Space Available
Space Available

By Preston Gralla

The two gigabytes of storage you get with a Gmail account seems like an enormous waste of space for just e-mail. You're not likely ever to fill it; were you to come close, Google would no doubt have doubled the space by then. Wouldn't it be nice to be able to use some of that storage for something other than mail?

Well, you can. A free piece of software and the know-how to change a few Gmail settings are all you need to turn your Gmail storage into a virtual hard drive you can access any time you're connected to the Internet. (If you don't yet have a Gmail account, ask someone you know who has one, or anyone who sends you a message from one, for an invite. Gmail is still technically beta and invitation-only.)

First, get the GMail Drive shell extension from and install it. Download the ZIP file, extract all the files into a folder, then run setup.exe. (Note: The GMail Drive shell extension works only with Internet Explorer, Version 5 or above.)

For the rest of the article click (HERE )

Father kills daughter; doubted virginity

AMMAN, Jordan - A Jordanian man fatally shot his 17-year-old daughter whom he suspected of having sex despite a medical exam that proved her chastity, an official said Thursday. The man surrendered to police hours after the killing, saying he had done it for family honor.
Weeks ago, the girl had returned home from a family protection clinic after doctors had vouched for her virginity and the father had signed a pledge not to harm her, the pathologist said on condition of anonymity due to the sensitive nature of the case.

"The tests proved that she was a virgin," the pathologist said. The girl returned home only after her father signed a statement promising not to harm her, he added.
The father shot the girl four times in the head on Tuesday. On Wednesday, an autopsy was performed that again showed "she was still a virgin," the pathologist said.
Authorities have not disclosed the names of the father or the daughter or even their hometown, saying only that they lived in a southern province.
The crime is the first "honor killing" this year in Jordan, where many men consider sex out of wedlock to be an almost indelible stain on a family's reputation. On average, about 20 women in the country are killed by their relatives in such cases each year. Women have been killed for simply dating.

Friday, January 26, 2007

Which games to girls prefer to play?

Which games to girls prefer to play?

According to Andrew Mayer:
"People have been talking about making "games for girls" ever since the boys playing their Atari consoles back in the '70s looked up from the TV and discovered that all the girls had walked out of the room an hour ago. Video games in the early days looked and sounded awful-big blocky pixels and not a lot of colors. They mostly looked like blobs shooting jellybeans at each other."

Game developers started to create cute games or "pink" games to attract girls to play their games. Unfortunately this move did not create an increase in game sales.

What types of video games DO girls like to play?

WII Laptop

Wii Laptop

Ben Heckendorn has worked many hours to create this Wii laptop. It makes the Wii more portable. You can now play your Wii without a TV. The sensor on the Wii laptop allows you to operate the remote at a much closer distance than the original sensor. This makes it more convenient for the user.

Great job!!