Saturday, May 19, 2007

What does 1250.00 / quarter get me?

I am in my grad school program. I am so frustrated with my classmates...

I learned that people dont like to be held accountable and if you TRY to make them accountable they get mad at you and fight back. What is wrong with people today? How are leaders suppose to get ahead and get an organization running and up to speed if everyone does not accept change or want to be accountable for their own work?

We just finished our last class and my "team" evaluation scores were low. I attended all the meetings, I was there ON TIME for each one, I participated and I also used my resources to pull the final project together. Sure Josh did the editting but he is MY resource and I was the one that had to push him to get the project done. The only thing I see where I would have slipped or made a mistake was when I sent an email to everyone venting my frustration with not meeting our deadlines. I also said that there was an un-even distribution of weight. If that is the reason why people gave me low grades to bring my average down that really disappoints me. I have learned that no matter where you go, church, work, PTA, grad school.... people dont like to be held accountable and worse than that, they "stone" the person that forces them to be accountable.

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