Saturday, November 17, 2012

How does Facebook help a Marketer

Facebook and Social Media - The Next Marketing Opportunity

Marketing as an activity is all about reaching the right customers with the right products, and the result sought is delighted customers who are more than willing to open their purses wide enough to boost your revenues. For many years, marketers stalked their target customers through various means and by trying to get their message across to spread awareness about their wares.

Traditional Means of Communication

Traditionally, marketing communications were conducted via print, broadcast and such traditional media through disruptive advertising, where advertisements appear in between the content of interest for the customer.

Traditional media does give a large reach to a marketer with its programming of mass appeal. However, the wastage is equally high, since a large portion of the audience would belong to a different segment than the one that is to be targeted by the marketer.

Enter Social Media and the Internet

The revolution stirred by the internet as a medium took place because of the fact that it is highly personalized and provides more content on-demand than any other available medium. Social sites proliferated far and wide in their usage for a few simple reasons:

The power to create and distribute content is equally available to every user, irrespective of him/her being a customer or a marketer. In the earlier forms of media, that power rested with the editorial staff of the channel or the advertiser, but hardly ever with the user.
The medium is completely personalized, and a user can create or join groups and further create content based on what he/she likes.
Opinions are free and fair. This is one reason why social media is of utmost concern to marketers, since buying decisions are no more influenced as much by advertisements. The traditional word-of-mouth marketing approach has grown leaps and bounds on social networks.

Facebook – At the Center of Social Media

With 500 million (and growing) unique users worldwide, Facebook is the number one social networking site in terms of activity and subscriptions. What started as a garage initiative by Mark Zuckerberg has now become the biggest phenomenon on the internet.

A user interface that allows for quick communication and the ability to create fan pages and groups at the click of a mouse button are what make Facebook extremely popular. Another important reason for its immense popularity is the wide variety of social applications that have been developed and made available within the Facebook environment.

These applications can allow users and friends to do joint activities like playing games that run endlessly, sharing photos, videos, and web links, and many more.

How does this help a marketer?

Traditionally, media plans were drawn to include television channels, publications, or any other media that can grab maximum eyeballs and effectively reach a selected target audience. The science of segmentation and targeting has become only more accurate in the case of social media.

Facebook provides a wide variety of avenues to communicate with the audience, which opens up an entirely different world of possibilities to have a fruitful dialogue with customers. Some of these methods used popularly by marketers are:

Advertising: The first opportunity, which is the most obvious one, is advertising on Facebook. The difference, however, is the fact that you can create your own advertisement in a matter of minutes and also specify the details of your target group in terms of demographics and types of discussions where you want your advertisement to appear.

Fan Pages: Facebook allows every brand, as well as individual users, to create fan pages for their favorite celebrities and their own homegrown businesses. Large brands have also created their official pages on Facebook that have a huge, immediate fan following around the world. The fan page has immense utility to convey first hand information about the brand and also to collect immediate and frank feedback from your customers.

Branded applications: One of the most effective ways to engage a user toward your brand is by creating an application; this could be a game or a contest, with your branding coming across subtly through it.

What makes Facebook even more exciting is the way it allows you to target your communication sharply just to the customer segment you want to attract. It also provides analytics and page insights that give good feedback and measurement on the activity done.

The options provided by Facebook can be creatively explored and used judiciously for bringing about maximum benefits to any brand.

However, while doing all this, you need to be aware of the fact that customers have an equal say and have the ability to respond immediately to any of your actions with a thumbs up or a thumbs down. Availing the service of a social media consultant to work out a social media strategy may be required so that your efforts will not be in vain.

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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Watching TV on your PC

Times have changed and people are now spending more time on their personal computers (PC) than anywhere else. Personal computers are no longer limited to work projects or personal shopping. This innovative software will now allow you to instantly watch TV and movies directly on your computer. TV on your PC lets you watch TV on your PC or Mac anytime, anywhere. Stream live TV on to your PC without purchasing any additional equipment.

Satellite TV companies will charge you for installation and equipment totaling more than $200. This is because their service requires you to purchase a satellite dish or cable box and a technician to install it. With TV on your PC there is no installation charge or any additional equipment to buy. If you own a Mac or PC you are already equipped with all the hardware you will ever need.

In addition, Cable and Satellite TV services will run you over $100 per month for service. TV on your PC has no subscription or monthly fees. There are no bandwidth limits and the hardware is easy to install. Also included in your software package are automatic channel updates.

If you still enjoy watching television shows on your 42” flat screen TV do not worry, we have good news for you! As an added bonus, TV on your PC provides you with free instructions on how to connect your PC to your TV. Within in a matter of minutes, you will be enjoying sporting events and television shows from all over the world directly on your large flat screen TV.

Installing TV on your PC is done in three simple steps. Step #1 – Register, Step #2 – Download and Step #3 – Watch and enjoy. It is that simple!

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Monday, June 29, 2009

Check out Take Action | American Solutions

Nancy Pelosi and President Obama are determined to ram the Cap and Trace energy tax bill (Waxman-Markey) through Congress as of this Friday.

Even President Obama has had to admit that the bill will dramatically raise energy costs.  This bill amounts to severe new taxes that will affect all Americans of every income group.

To get more information and to sign a petition against the bill, go to American Solutions websit

I want you to take a look at: Take Action | American Solutions 

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Marvelous deal on Flip Flops from Walmart

Found a MARVELOUS deal on flip flops for summer at the WalMart website. Woot!

Walmart offers several flip-flops at lowest-we've-seen prices. At $2 per pair, most are at or near lowest-we've-seen prices. Shipping adds 97 cents and sales tax is added where applicable.

I've got to get me one of every color and style! Hooray for summer!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

REI Deal of the Day

REI-OUTLET still takes an extra 30% off already-reduced clothing and footwear during its latest sale. That's among the best percent-off sales we've seen from this merchant. Shipping starts at $5.99, or choose free site-to-store shipping. (Or, receive free shipping on discounted Teva footwear.) Sales tax is added where applicable. Deal ends tomorrow. Notables:

Overloaded With Online Games | ** An Anonymous Journal **

Overloaded With Online Games | ** An Anonymous Journal **

Monday, June 22, 2009

Fathers Day

Ahh Fathers Day. I am sure that every one has a blog about their father and what a great day they had. Well, my blog focuses more on the movie we saw. Of course we did the usual celebration with a meal. We went to Wahoos Tacos, I know not too fancy but it still cost me close to $60 for 5 people. Then we hit the movie theatre. The movie The proposal was a cute movie. The cast had quite a few comedians such as, Mary Steenburgen, Craig T. Nelson, and Betty White. It is classified as a romantic comedy but others tend to differ. This movie is a cross between The Devil Wears Prada and Meet the Parents. If you liked either of those movies you would enjoy this one. Ryan Reynolds has some very classic facial expressions that will get you chuckling in the movie theatre.

I would like to buy this DVD when it comes out to add to my collection.