Thursday, May 17, 2007

Life and the wash cycle

Life can sometimes be like a washing machine. .

Just the other day while doing my laundry I started to daydream. I saw the water filling up during the rinse cycle. All the clothes were squashed against the sides as the water began to fill. Then once it was full the clothes began to get tossed from left to right and top to bottom. When they are all cleaned and wash they get air dried in heat. That is the best part. They separate, fluff, and smell fresh.

To me life can be this way at times. Like the wash cycle, you feel stuck and heavy. Then as the water (problems) fills you begin to drown, getting tossed in many directions. Once life sends through the rinse cycle and you think all is lost. You get tossed into the sunshine (drier) to heal, renew and re-live.

1 shot, 2 shot, 3 shot, MORE??

I really hate the dentist now. I went there and they really did not do much with my teeth because the stupid novacaine did not work. The maximum dose that you can give someone is 8 shots. They gave me 5 shots and I could STILL feel sensitivity in my tooth and gum. I totally did not get it. All I know is that I was not feeling too good.

I HATE shots therefore I was not happy about getting more than one. I could feel the water, the air blowing on my tooth and the drill. I was really trying hard to imagine being in the warm sun on a tropical beach enjoying hearing the ocean hit the sand... but it did not work! I have to go back in two weeks. It has been 7 hours since my first injection and I am finally feeling normal again. But now, my mouth hurts so bad. I feel a lot of pain near the back of my mouth like the needle kept poking at my jaw. I really dont think he is too good with the novacaine thing. This is a new dentist. I am too scared to go back!

I feel really bad

I know that when you take karate you can sometimes get injured or injure someone else. I either being injured or injuring someone else. Why do I take karate? I dont know I just like it and I want to become better at it. I want to learn to fight just in case I will need to use it to defend myself from potential bad guys.

Ever since I was in middle school I had this fear of being raped or molested. It was a fear that carried over into adulthood. When children were about 4 and 6 I fear being attacked in the parking lot while strapping them into their seats. I still did not know karate or even self defense at the time.

I am taking it now and my kids are all grown. I think I can handle myself well eventhough I dont have to strap them into their car seats anymore. But being aware is one of the best gifts.

Now Anyone can Rob a Bank and Get Away With It

I received this email today. I just cant believe that something like this could even be legit. On top of that, this email came from UTAH.

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Best of success,

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