Thursday, May 17, 2007

I feel really bad

I know that when you take karate you can sometimes get injured or injure someone else. I either being injured or injuring someone else. Why do I take karate? I dont know I just like it and I want to become better at it. I want to learn to fight just in case I will need to use it to defend myself from potential bad guys.

Ever since I was in middle school I had this fear of being raped or molested. It was a fear that carried over into adulthood. When children were about 4 and 6 I fear being attacked in the parking lot while strapping them into their seats. I still did not know karate or even self defense at the time.

I am taking it now and my kids are all grown. I think I can handle myself well eventhough I dont have to strap them into their car seats anymore. But being aware is one of the best gifts.

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