Sunday, January 30, 2011

Watching TV on your PC

Times have changed and people are now spending more time on their personal computers (PC) than anywhere else. Personal computers are no longer limited to work projects or personal shopping. This innovative software will now allow you to instantly watch TV and movies directly on your computer. TV on your PC lets you watch TV on your PC or Mac anytime, anywhere. Stream live TV on to your PC without purchasing any additional equipment.

Satellite TV companies will charge you for installation and equipment totaling more than $200. This is because their service requires you to purchase a satellite dish or cable box and a technician to install it. With TV on your PC there is no installation charge or any additional equipment to buy. If you own a Mac or PC you are already equipped with all the hardware you will ever need.

In addition, Cable and Satellite TV services will run you over $100 per month for service. TV on your PC has no subscription or monthly fees. There are no bandwidth limits and the hardware is easy to install. Also included in your software package are automatic channel updates.

If you still enjoy watching television shows on your 42” flat screen TV do not worry, we have good news for you! As an added bonus, TV on your PC provides you with free instructions on how to connect your PC to your TV. Within in a matter of minutes, you will be enjoying sporting events and television shows from all over the world directly on your large flat screen TV.

Installing TV on your PC is done in three simple steps. Step #1 – Register, Step #2 – Download and Step #3 – Watch and enjoy. It is that simple!

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I have paid for cable TV for many years because I enjoy watching all the sporting and learning programs. Cable limits my viewing content to 150 channels. TV on your PC will give you access to over 3,500 channels worldwide for a one-time fee of $49.95. That is all you every have to pay. This is a special savings of 70% off their regular price. With the economy in it’s current state I want to get more for my dollar.

Keep your hard earned dollars in your pocket and enjoy watching over 3,500 channels on directly on your computer now!

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