Monday, January 29, 2007

GMail Hard Drive Makes Space Available

GMail Hard Drive Makes Space Available
Space Available

By Preston Gralla

The two gigabytes of storage you get with a Gmail account seems like an enormous waste of space for just e-mail. You're not likely ever to fill it; were you to come close, Google would no doubt have doubled the space by then. Wouldn't it be nice to be able to use some of that storage for something other than mail?

Well, you can. A free piece of software and the know-how to change a few Gmail settings are all you need to turn your Gmail storage into a virtual hard drive you can access any time you're connected to the Internet. (If you don't yet have a Gmail account, ask someone you know who has one, or anyone who sends you a message from one, for an invite. Gmail is still technically beta and invitation-only.)

First, get the GMail Drive shell extension from and install it. Download the ZIP file, extract all the files into a folder, then run setup.exe. (Note: The GMail Drive shell extension works only with Internet Explorer, Version 5 or above.)

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