Friday, March 9, 2007

Out with the flu

Isn't it just MARVELOUS when you are out with the flu? You get time off, you can watch your favorite tv shows and eat at anytime of the day that you wish. That would be marvelous if it were true.

My days were spent sweating in my sheets changing my sweaty clothes; coughing up my guts and stumbling to the restroom. The last thing that I was worried about was work. I called in both days to say that I was not coming in. I mean I could not even move in my bed. My kids all had to find their own way to school for those two days.

Now that I have enough energy to come to work do you think anyone is happy to see me or concerned about my health. Ha ha. Heck no. It is just like, business as usual. I am just a number in a line, name on a list, face in the hall... I am not asking for a whole lot but just maybe a little hey or something???

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Tony said...

I am glad you are feeling better. I am also sure more of your colleagues appreciate your recovery than you may think :)

I've added Marvelous Things to the Bonez blogroll and appreciate your continued visits and support.